About Me

Why Real Estate?

Why?” is always the biggest question for me. I truly believe the why gives direction and purpose to what I do and how I do it.

My aspiration and inspiration for a career in real estate came from my own personal experience of purchasing my home and selling my condo.


During the purchasing process, I found myself hunting through many real-estate websites, driving by prospective homes, and going to as many open houses as I could. I soon discovered that I loved the 'thrill' of hunting for the right home and thought that I could easily provide this same experience to other people with a stress-free and more informative approach.


When it came to selling my condo, I couldn’t help but think of the best ways to go about it. I questioned why a Realtor would use their iPad to take pictures instead of hiring a professional to do them. I thought of how paid advertising could maximize awareness on my listing. The list goes on.


I took it upon myself to make these things happen and realized I could professionally do this in the most effective and efficient way for homebuyers and sellers. My financial background as an accountant for a property management company combined with my commitment to help people has truly made being a Realtor® a dream career for me.